Short and sweet

Work and private life have been manic, but I just wanted to point out that my Cookie A book arrived and I am VERY pleased about that 🙂 Wee!
Nothing to show you as yet – I’ve knitted a pair of 28st socks in chunky yarn for someone at work, and they aren’t very interesting so I’m skipping photographing them in the nasty rainy weather. I’ve moved further with my secret project, and I’m hoping that will be done with this week. It probably won’t, but I know I’ll manage to the 75% mark on it at least. Once that’s done, I’m not going to knit anything bigger than baby things for anyone for a looooooooong time… The hayfever has kicked in this week too thanks to the rain, which will slow knitting down. But I’m still managing 😉
How are you?

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