Another quick one – sorry!

Ok knittas, the secret project is finished and Ravelry has full photos (if you haven’t found me, just search for bryonyramsden and you’ll get there)! Judging by the early reactions, it is a saleable pattern, but will need re-writing considerably to make it suitable for a range of feet. And also a scanned chart instead of an A3 marked up one (Tanya’s work), and some tiny graph paper pencil drawings (my work) 😉 If you are interested go look – you can’t miss it, but it’s the one marked for Sue on the top row… Sue – you aren’t on Ravelry so you can’t see it yet HAHAHAAH! You’ll just have to wait for the post! 😉 Anyway, because of the need to post it out to poor Sue who has been waiting forever for parcel 2 of her birthday gifts, and because it needs re-writing and redesigning for a sale pattern, the photos aren’t that great (me bending over with a camera on a rainy day AGAIN), but you’ll get the idea 😀
I’m happy anyway 😀
Also, because of the secret nature of the project above, there will be photos on here once Sue gets the parcel, but I don’t have much to show I’m afraid again 🙁 Now that that project is done with, and I’ve discovered the joy of 28 st emergency knit socks (28 sts in chunky yarn = socks in a day :D), I’m back on to catching up with Socktopus club knits and poor Yvonne’s cabled cardi – you know, the one that’s been on the needles for essentially over a year… The back was definitely the worst bit though – the front piece will zoom in comparison, but I need to adapt the pattern to fit pockets in (not hard, but picking the right spot is the dilemma).
BUT, to make up for the lack of photo action, there is this:
tablecloth 3
tablecloth 2
tablecloth 1
I was in Oxfam with Tanya while she was shopping for goodies, and I was looking for pretty notebooks, and she suddenly called me over to the fabric and linens rack. I couldn’t leave it behind. There are a couple of brown marks that may or may not come out in a wash, but the fabric is beautiful heavy cotton linen blend I think, and has potential for a skirt being cut in it (even with stains on there). I figured, if I can make something to wear out of it, yay! If I can’t, it won’t be too expensive a mistake, and I can still make cushion covers from it anyway, but the ribboning is just to gorgeous to resist… I make no apologies for buying it – Kirstie Alsopp told me to on tv, and she’s now my official queen of lovely things. I couldn’t disappoint Kirstie.

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