Another big gap

But that is because I’m overloaded with other things to do. I have essays due in in a month, so funnily enough I’m working on those! Plus I’ve been to lots of Christmas get togethers 😀 Yay!
I have had time to do some knitting though. I’ve shrunk my mittens again, finished Shirley’s scarf, even if I need to send it to her still (eek!) and it is rather yummy. With the rest of the Kureyon, I made a bag from Felted Knits, and chucked it in the washer this weekend. The yarn felts nicely, but I think it might need another run as it isn’t really very solid yet. One of my Christmas pressies was a subscription to Rowan yarns and patterns (thanks to the DB’s parents for that!), so I’ve started the Freda poncho that I got as a free joining gift complete with the wool to make it – yay! Although it looks a bit odd at the mo… My lace knitting is not good. I’ll post pics at the weekend, as I can take them in decent light that way, and it might even be finished by then (it is a quick knit). At the moment I’m lucky if I see the sun during the day, as it is dark until 9ish am and from 3.30pm. Yucky winter, but at least we get some light!