A mixed bag of interest

I’m sorry, I had to rip off Futurama a little bit there 🙂 Anyway, here is a mish mash of bits and bats that I have been working on recently.
The cami has been on hold, as it is one of those things that you can wear all year round with the right stuff with it. I decided that the Lucky cardi in SNBN was the way to go next as it would be best for the spring weeks coming up, and lace knitted stuff is quite big in the shops at the mo.
Here is a pic of the yarn I got for it – it is the specified Rowan 4 ply cotton, but in the colour Ardour (! Colour names are rubbish sometimes!), and it is rediculously soft and easy to knit with. I love the stuff! And it knits up so much quicker than it looks to do.
Rowan cotton for cardi.jpg
And here is the progress so far on it. It’s about 5 or 6 inches long now, and I’ve just started increasing for the back. I’ve had to rip it out about 5 times now, so if anyone notices anything wrong in the knitting, please be kind to me and tell me nicely! I just seem to stop following the lace sometimes for some reason, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, it does knit up quickly, but if I hadn’t ripped out I would be done by now with the back (with many horrible mistakes admittedly).
SNBN cardi.jpg
Next, I have some yummy Colinette One Zero making a herringbone stitch scarf. I knot it is a bit of the wrong time of year for this kind of scarf in this yarn, but it is to make a replacement for the lost scarf, so I felt the need to start now. Besides, it snowed and hailed the other day, so I might need it yet… I’m rather pleased with it, and the yarn is really nice to use, although a bit funny in this pattern (sometimes two strands look like one and I have to unknit a bit to get lined up into pattern again – no big deal with this though). The pattern, incidentally, was provided by the Sheep in the City blog if you want to look at it. A bit fiddly at first, but once you get going, v easy indeed!
Colinette scarf 2.jpg
Anyway, after all that, I’m itching to knit some more on the cardi, plus I have to do some studying. Hmmmm – wonder which one will win for me to do?

One thought on “A mixed bag of interest”

  1. Greetings, Library knitter. That purple lace thing you’re doing is superfab (I agree, colour names for yarn / housepaint are ridiculous – I did a parody of such at my home site: http://www.johnbiebel.com/colour.html
    Thanks for the words of encouragement on craftster.org. I’m already itching to do another jumper, especially since I got some Icelandic stuff from eBay.
    You’re doing some beautiful work there, keep going! And please say ‘allo’ to the UK for me, it’s been over two years since I’ve been – I had a wonderful 2 years of living there and I miss London oh so much… For all those who decry Hackney and the East End, ‘Hey! Thems were my stomping grounds!’
    John / Boston

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