I am currently surrounded by paperwork that I should have dealt with ages ago – mostly stuff that I was interested in ordering, subscriptions that I need to renew, and bills to pay that are suddenly due next week, when I originally had over a month to pay them… To avoid dealing with them yet again (I’ve already put several aside to deal with another day), I’m updating here 🙂
BUT, I have actually been knitting something (GASP!). A friend and I were discussing knitting Bloom from Rowan 36 – I’ve had the yarn since forever for the tank itself, but never got round to starting it. She said she fancied making it too, and suddenly I was inspired to get going with it (and it will reduce the stash too – woo!). This weekend, having submitted and assignment on Thursday, I decided to let myself go and just do it 🙂 So I now have about 5 eighths of the first side of it knitted. Hoorah! I won’t post a pic till I finish the first side, as it will need pressing to make any sense of it. It curls a lot as it is knitted side to side, so you can’t see any of the shaping right now.
This also means that I can clear some of my stash for the sale at Black Sheep, which Sue has offered to take me to – yay! Might even be able to get some Kid Silk Haze cheap, or some oddments of it for the bloom bit of Bloom.
While knitting, I had to watch something, so I’ve been finding Six Feet Under, and loving it. We’ve had it for a while, but I never really sat down and watched anything beyond the first couple of episodes of the first series. This weekend I’m into the second series, and can’t get enough of it 🙂 I love the black humour of it, and the style of it. The acting is also pretty good, and keeps surprising me, and they aren’t afraid to play around a bit with your expectations.
Anyway, I must also pay a mention to the lovely John. He is one of the few blokes who knits and hangs around Craftster. He just made his own self designed, self calculated jumper, which is something that many knitters don’t manage for years, but he did it with his first garment… He is a generally creative bloke, and also has some nice piss takes of yarn/paint names (remember I’d been getting cheesed off with them?). Oh and he said nice things here too 😀 That always helps…
Anyway, I’m off to do some more paperwork avoision 🙂 (still can’t remember what show I heard use that phrase, but nevermind!). There is yet another 100 best show on telly, but this time it is actually worth watching, about best albums. It still is a load of bollocks, but it is nice to watch stuff about music I’m interested in. And you get to see Paul Weller in a pink shirt, and a pink jumper at the same time (and he can’t carry it off). Hoorah for Primal Scream though.