I actually managed some knitting last night, albeit only about 10 rows of the first lace leaf jumper sleeve. I had a bit of a tweak of the body, and realised that leaving it to one side while we were away was good, as the stitches had relaxed on their own, and the line was no longer so obvious when I put it on – DB didn’t notice a thing (but he is a boy, so I’m going to ask Sue on Sunday). I’ve also calculated that I will have enough Polar to make another one when I’m done 😀 That meanst that if I get desperate and decide I hate the mistakes I made in the first, I can make another one, and rip up a little of the original at a time. Sleeves = homeward stretch which is v good. Soon have another finished object, studying allowing… And this one will look quite good, mistakes and all, as long as the sleeves are ok… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hoorah!”

  1. Hey Bryony, ..sorry I’m lame with comments/replies, although I’ve been checking on your blog regularly ! Glad you’re back and rested, it’s always hard to come back home after a vacation !! Cool for the line on your lace leaf pullover. It will probably completely vanish after blocking, wearing it ..? Can’t wait to see it as well !

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