I just wanted to say thank you to you all. I wrote because I needed to vent, and no one who reads the blog had any obligation to respond or comment at all. That you all have is just wonderful, and moves me deeply. I really appreciate every word you’ve said and I can’t really express it very well. This is all you need to know – thank you very very much for taking the time and the effort to say something. You are lovely lovely people.
Anyway, I’m starting to cope much better with it, although it tears me apart when I hear my mum on the phone. She’s going to pick me up on Sunday, and I’ll stay over till Wednesday. I don’t have much leave left (our leave year runs from April to March), so I can’t go as long as I’d like in case she needs me again in future – strange how 4 days seems to be a long time away from home, but a barely a blip in terms of time with her. We’ll have our own little memorial during that time, and frankly the sooner the better. I’ve made a purchase of M&S choccy liquor today – like Baileys Irish Cream (in fact it has irish cream in it), but chocolate flavoured, and you can drink it hot or cold. After a day by the sea, we may want warming up, and what could be a nicer way to get a little comfort than a finger of warmed chocolate irish cream. Except drinking it with a bar of cherry or butterscotch Green and Black’s chocolate grated on top, with lots of squares on the side to eat. I feel better just thinking of it.
In knitting news, I finished my Jaywalker last night, after knitting while waiting for the bus home from my late shift at work, knitting on the bus, and knitting when I got home. Knitting while waiting for the bus kept me surprisingly warm, and the sight of lots of pointy wooden sticks in the middle of town puts of most drunks. Sadly I can’t get away with knitting on the evening slot at work, but I suspect that wouldn’t do much for my work image, both in terms of doing something I shouldn’t at work, and in terms of being a librarian who knits, but is under 30. Shame I can’t say under 25 anymore. 25 sounds so cool. A nearly 30 unmarried librarian who knits, I’m afraid is most definitely not cool in this neck of the woods. Although it clearly is getting cooler by the second: there is a stand in the foyer outside our doors for the student union’s ‘Give it a go’ project, where you go along without joining a club to see if you like it. Knitting is one of the options, you have to book to go, they are doing it once every 3-4 weeks till the end of March, and I just think that is fab. Finally things are moving here! Anyway, I don’t have a pic yet, as it is too dark (I don’t see light during the day unless I go out for lunch), so maybe I’ll have good progress on the other sock by the time I get a camera to see the colours properly etc, as I cast on for the 2nd as soon as I finished the first. I love it. It fits really nicely. However, it only took about 35g of the 50g hank, so I’m going to have a good 30g left at the end. Enough for some trainer socks maybe?
I’ve had an email from Kerrie too saying that the silk she dyed for me is nearly dry, and if it is ready, I may end up coming back from my mum’s to a package… She likes it, and I’m feeling quite excited at the thought of it – she said she hopes I like it, and I have every confidence in her capabilities as a dyer, so I’m sure I will love it, in the kind of way that makes you wish you could marry yarn. I’ll post pics when it arrives. Yum.

3 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. I’m so sorry the two of you are going through this, but at least your mom has you to be there for her and doesn’t have to go through this alone. I hope you are able to enjoy the time with your mom even under these circumstances (and Im sure the chocolate will warm both of you up ; ) )

  2. Glad you’re able to get to your Mums so soon! You will both find the healing easier with face to face time.
    The M&S Choccy sounds LOVELY! I’ll have to pick up a bottle when next in the UK.
    A fave of mine… Heat up some apple cider, rim a mug with cinnamon and suger. Carefully pour in the cider and then drop a shot of butterschotch snapps in! It’s sure to both warm you up and put a smile on your face!!!
    xx Hugs xx

  3. Wow, that is such a sad thing. I feel for you and your mum, and it’s certainly good that you can go back and do this little ceremonial together.

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