Angelica has blocked, and I’m not too impressed with my short sleeves. They seem to take away from the neckline, and make the whole thing look a little sad, and frumpify the whole garment. I’m very tempted to undo them again and take it back to the body, and just do one row and bind off, because it seemed to look rather cute when I tried it on while knitting that way. Anyway, I can’t post any pics – the light thing again (I can do little things, but full body shots are bad), so I’ll see what I can knock up later this week.
Have played with the Eye Toy Kinetic twice since I got it yesterday, and it is fabbooooo! Who’d believe that I’d have so much fun while at home working out? Yesterday’s session was quite easy, apart from a few problems I had getting the camera to read my movements properly – largely because it was set to bright room, which our lounge is not. Today worked much better on the dim setting, and I burned off a large amount in excess of the Mars bar I accidentally ate at dinnertime… Anyway, if you are thinking about getting one to help your fitness do it (especially if it saves you from going out in the dark on your own to the gym or anything like that).
Oh, and the hourglass sweater is on the needles at a vote of 3 to 1. Sorry Heatherfeather! Maybe next time… Although this is already irritating me a bit. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on it (well, relative to the amount of free time I’ve had), and all I’ve got knitted is the first 6 rows which form the seam of the lower body. Which bums me out a little. But, I have high hopes for this pattern in this yarn. Or maybe I shouldn’t given my luck with knitting tops. But I don’t think I’ve seen a bad one yet, except where someone has knitted the wrong size. Please don’t let me be knitting the wrong size! I’m making the second largest, because the largest would be way, way too big for something that is supposed to be form fitting, but the second largest may be a little snug at the bust. However, the waist and hip measurements should be spot on considering ease, so overall it might balance out 😉
I’m sure I had something else to say, but my brain is frazzled – I’ve been knackered for most of the day, with a couple of rough nights catching up on me, but I should be ok in time for the weekend ;D I’d go to bed if Eleventh Hour wasn’t on (it is cheesy as anything, but ok for a Thursday braindead night).

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