Ok, perhaps not so much hoorah, as huzzah. Maybe. I have to go and collect a parcel tomorrow morning before work from the post office, as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver something. And given that I have been good and not ordered anything, and also that my secret pal emailed me this week to say something was in the post, I can safely bet that it is something from her 😀 That will be a very good way to start an otherwise dreary looking week ahead.
Why is it so dreary? Because it looks like there will be barely any knitting – gasp! I have to be very very controlled this week, and get something on paper for my research so that I don’t have to think about writing too much up later on, and only think about analysing my results etc. I have lots of articles to read through and cite, which is good – I am one of those people who find the introductory section the worst to write. Anyone who has done any kind of research at any level knows that the intro is where you have to show how clever and knowledgable you are and that no one has ever done what you plan to do in the way you plan to do it. Or at least that you will be doing it in a better way and fixing all the rubbish bits in their research methodology. Now this might sound like a really cool way of looking at work that you may not have read before and reading something you are interested in, but trust me, you have to wade through a lot of crap to get to the good bits sometimes, and by that point you could well be totally brain dead and too thick to realise it is the section you want… And at my level of study, there will be plenty of stuff that I don’t understand. Do you realise that in the library and information industry there are actually formula based theories and models for how people should research and study, and use library resources? Who’d have thought that information studies would bring in so much theoretical fear inducing writing… Apart from clever bastards.
Anyway, having complained about that bit far too much (and please believe me, I do feel at home for 99% of the time in the library environment), I will mention some more knitting things. I reduced my stash a little yesterday by handing out some of it to DB’s mum. She does a lot of charity knitting, and will gladly take unwanted yarn from anyone offering, as long as it is suitable for knitting up. She has a lot of questionable stuff at the moment to knit, and appreciates it being offered out, but I think she also could do with something lovely. I gave her the Kureyon I had leftover from those multiple projects, as it certainly wouldn’t have been knitted up anytime soon, and the Jaeger Como I bought. The latter has been knitted and frogged numerous times, and I think that, for the sake of moving something from behind the sofa into the stash boxes, and for someone to use it who will really appreciate the end result (whether personal or charity use), it is a loss well taken. And it was dirt cheap (don’t worry, I told her how much I paid for it!).
Also, I’ve been working on the Last Minute Knitted Gifts (hereafter and evermore known as LMKG) Noro scarf, and used up 40 out of 100g already, in not very much knitting time in the grand scheme of things. I like knowing it could be finished in a couple of days dedicated knitting, as it makes it seem quicker to make even when I might only manage 30 mins of knitting. Seeing that drop in grams is pretty cool, when I haven’t really given much time to it (maybe one solid evening and a bit). It will definitely need a good wash and blocking, as mistake rib combined with knitting stripes makes for a rather wobbly knit, and it will need a little softening up before wearing (again because of the pattern I think – the yarn seems supersoft and silky in the ball but not on the purl stitches). And just to annoy you even more than I have already today, there will be no pics till either later today or if I get time on the day I work the late shift. Stupid Brit weather usual rubbish, and I intent to take pics of the sleeves I don’t like on Angelica too.
I’ll say this though – I really must try and persuade my mate Sue to set up a blog and put some pics of her knitting up – she has made some fab stuff, and is like a knitting machine (despite all the work she has to do for her teaching job outside of school hours). And she is the chunky knitter to my sock yarn and Rowan 4 ply. Which explains the speed, most likely 😀 And she has the most gorgeous dog for eye candy too. I have just sent a petition to her saying that I think she should do it, but as yet I am the only name on it. I signed it for all you guys too though 😉
Finally, you wonder how people get to be so fat? Read this story of a recipe. Rather disturbing that this would cover nearly a whole day’s calories and excessive fat. I’d rather have a plate of good fish and chips (which is another dish that covers the whole day for calories). At least you’d be full up afterwards…

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  1. Ooooh I hope you like it! There was another thing I meant to put in but mislaid it so it will have to go in the next one 🙂
    As for writing, I did a “supplementary” thesis last year and the introduction was the bit I did last. I suppose all those people who research how to research want to hit me on the head for saying that, but at least that way, you can write anything, and then write your introduction to suit at the end 😀

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