My secret pal is soooo much better than yours…

She rocks 😀 I collected my parcel today, and it was packed full of goodies!

The package included: 2 balls of yarn, a book, a pamphlet, some choccies and a postcard.
The book is My Oedipus Complex and other stories by Frank O’Connor. I’ve not read him before, and I’ve skimmed through some of it for a nosey, and it looks like a lot of fun but intelligent, with a bit of tragedy thrown in. I’m looking forward to reading him 🙂
The pamphlet is KnitKnit 5, a little magazine about knitting crossing over with contemporary art. I haven’t read this yet (if I do now, I won’t do any work tonight), but there are some really funky looking exhibitions, and a knitted tie pattern 😀 And there is a very cool looking Japanese knitter in one interview, which I am particularly looking forward to reading…
The postcard is of one of my fave writers – Oscar Wilde, posing in his usual foppish manner 😀 My pal says it is an “obscure hint” to the location of where she studies 😉 with a lovely little message teasing me about things to come. I think I like her sense of humour – our hostess has done a bloody good job matching my spoiler to me by the looks of things!
The choccies were a lovely little box set of 4 yummy goodies (including my fave Baileys). They may have disappeared at lunch time after a really rubbish Monday morning, in preparation for a dull afternoon (all this, please note was not usual work, just spanners thrown in the works from all directions). I can assure you they did the job perfectly. And I didn’t offer any of them to my friend, so I hope she wasn’t insulted 😉
Finally, we have this…

This is Tivoli Luxury Tweed DK, in a soft porridge colour, with flecks of blue, red, and a little brown. It has wool and alpaca with a little acrylic in it, so it is supersoft and cosy to the touch. I have a slightly embarrassing method of testing yarn that involves inserting digits into the centre of the ball of yarn so that I can try and assess how comfy it will be to wear, and this stuff is going to be good… I’ve not heard of Tivoli before (except of course, THE tivoli by Grumperina), and I’m hoping I can find a good online stockist of their stuff (RKM stock some of their yarns, but largely novelty/fashion ones, and I really want to find someone who does this Luxury Tweed stuff). I was showing them to a friend at lunchtime, and she said she thought they would make fabby socks, and I think she might be right. Some really big sloppy comfy ones. I’ve already warned my pal of this, and I really like the idea of having socks with a bit of alpaca in them, and the yarn seems hardwearing enough to do as bed socks/freezing cold night snuggly in front of the fire socks.
So, thank you very much Pal! You are wonderful 🙂
Anyway, I really should study now – I’ve spent most of my evening hunting around for yarn stockists and lusting over patterns to knit it up in 😀 Whoops!

4 thoughts on “My secret pal is soooo much better than yours…”

  1. I don’t reckon she’s better than mine :)… although mind you crossover between contemporary art and knitting sounds pretty interesting… fantastic haul – yarn definitely looks good for cosy socks.

  2. horray! I’m so glad you like it. Tivoli is about the only brand you can buy here, so if you’d like some more of the tweed, they do it in an aran weight too. I’ve always thought it was insane that tivoli doesnt ship abroad; I’m afraid I don’t know any online store that stocks it. Enjoy! *schemes next package*

  3. Hi Bryony
    Came across your site by accident and was partly drawn to it because we have a daughter called Bryony!
    I saw your note about browsing for online stores and we’ve just started up, so I hope you don’t mind me bringing it to your attention. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at it. Please feel free to comment – good or bad!
    Kind regards

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