A bit of a change

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have anything much to blog about this weekend. My tutor has emailed today to say he’ll be coming back to me with feedback on Monday or near enough then next week, so this weekend will be filled with reading up in preparation for some REALLY hard graft.
But last night, I was browsing my fave blogs, and came across an interesting theme. A group of very talented crafters have set up a sewalong for knitters. It is designed for people of all levels of sewing skills, so that we can all support each other and give feedback on the pattern we choose. This round is for sewing skirts, and is the perfect opportunity for me to sew up that pattern I bought on the Minneapolis trip – Favorite Things Cute Skirts. I bought some fabric today (why is sewing in general so much cheaper than knitting?!), a very soft dusky pink material, which was just labelled ‘Suiting – mixed fibres’. For the price (£4.99 a metre), it isn’t pure wool, but it feels a little wool like if nothing else, and has a very attractive weave to it. I think it might work well with the panel design of the pattern – it is made of 8 panels with 3 at the front and 5 at the back, so that the front has a flat waistband, while the back is elasticated, so no scary zips to fit. I hope the back doesn’t bunch up too much at the waist, but we will see.
Keeping the sewalong on the horizon will make it much easier to do the work 😀 It officially starts on the 15th, but sign up finishes today, so if you are interested, hurry! It can be found here if you fancy a nosy. And non brits seem to have so much better fabric shopping options. Or maybe it is just non-Huddersfield residents…

One thought on “A bit of a change”

  1. that sew-along sounds a really great idea (and you’re right about the fabrics, how come it’s all fire-risk neon fake fur in MY local fabric shop? – although they do sell it by the kilo which is quite entertaining). I’m really tempted because it might force me to finally get my sewing machine working again…
    good luck with the hard graft 🙂

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