A needle short of a full set

That’s not just how I feel right now, it’s also a statement. There was an accident with Pomotamous. I’d turned the heel, finished the gusset decreases, and was transporting my little baby to and from work happily until last night, when I pulled it out the bag to find the lace side of the foot missing a needle. I frantically picked what I could up, but stitches are dropped next to yarn overs, and I couldn’t find where to pick them back up. So, my poor little baby is no more 🙁 And I need a new set of dpns. I have no idea where that needle has gone either :/ Poo. Mum’s coming over to buy more yarn from Holmfirth this weekend, so I’ll see if I can get some needles there, but mine are bamboo and are ace and lovely, so I hope I don’t end up ordering off the internet and having to buy yarn to pad the order out…
That would be awful.
In the meantime, I might pick out a different sock pattern and different yarn. I know I want the Poms in LL now, so I’ll save it for when I’m ready again. I’m sorely tempted to break out the cashmere sock yarn from the stash… Woof.
In other brief news, the argyle sock pattern has now been downloaded over 200 times 🙂 My stats program is playing up a bit and reckons there has been no action at all on this site for a week, when there clearly has, but at last count, it was about 215. Hoorah!

5 thoughts on “A needle short of a full set”

  1. OH sweetie!! That is my worst fear with portable knitting. I am obsessed with ziplock bags & point protectors for that very reason.
    Was that bit about padding the order serious or sarcasm?
    Congrats on the sock pattern! I will be working on Isaac’s after the AL KAL is over!

  2. Byrony, that sucks in the worst way. You’re the 3rd blog I visit that is working or was working on the Pom’s, not including myself. I’m loving this pattern, so interesting. I think I’m gonna do a short row heel, just to learn the technique. Any thoughts on that? Let me find out your sock pattern is downloadable. Let me have a gander, and perhaps I’ll make #216. Hmnnnnnnnn wonder, if that’s my lucky # for today.

  3. Well, you know, ordering yarn would naturally prompt great suffering in me, but we wouldn’t want any needles to poke through any packaging or anything… 😉 Well, we’ll see what happens in Holmfirth. Who knows what goodies might await me when we get there.
    Yeah, the pattern is just lovely, and I’m so bummed out. I think a change might do me good – I accidentally started winding a hank of Hip Knits cashmere sock yarn this morning when I woke up stupidly early, so that might work its way onto the needles tonight… 😀 If you get the pattern, please do give feedback on it – I’m always willing to learn. I’m not sure how short row heels would work with Pom – the way it is knit carries on the twisted rib rather than slipping sts, so maybe you could do it while keeping the rib pattern going, but that might be fiddly. Put a lifeline in and go for it tho 😀

  4. Bryony
    I use life lines all the way through my socks. If a needle falls out, or you go wrong & can’t fix it, you’ll just have to frog back to the life line & then put the stitches on the needle.
    Looking forward to see what you think of the cashmere sock yarn….

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