Fame at last!

My sock pattern has been mentioned at Pure Knits in their blog along with piccies of mine and Leah’s gorgeous pair. Hoorah! But the yarn really helps make the pattern. Go looksy and see them in all their glory on the best yarn shop website in town.

In other news, I’m knackered. Yet another weekend of illness and studying in between illness. I’m sure part of the illness is stress related. I was supposed to be out on the town on Friday for the first time in aaagggees, got ready and glammed up, and came home two hours later with belly and back pains which lasted most of the weekend, coupled with nasty stressy cold stuff again. Poo. And I keep forgetting to text my mate about going to see Snakes on a Plane. We are so going this week 😉

But I have knitted. And crocheted. And finished things. But I can’t show you what I’ve finished (in spite of progress shots) – it is for my One Skein Pal, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she might find her way here. She hasn’t shown her face yet, but who knows? I will say that I am pleased with the finished product, and will be posting pics once it has been posted and received. And other things are moving slowly but surely. See the side bar? A few percentages have crept up a bit.

I made some purchases too. I don’t have pics yet I’m afraid, but I’m hoping to post some tomorrow. Perhaps with some other crafting with luck – I have the world’s best book to work from, and the first project I’ve chosen, selected by popular demand by friends who NEED this item, is supersmall and super quick 😀 I reckon it will be 30 mins at most. That’s the kind of crafting I like to see – something I can do and study the same evening without guilt or fear of being too miserable.

I’ve also got some more yarn, but only a tiny bit 🙂 I decided that, when buying a button for my lace leaf jumper, I should pad the order out – you can’t just buy one button online can you? I ordered the new Rowan Felting booklet, which is loooovely, plus some bag handles and one ball of Tapestry. I’m making a bag from some Kid Classic in my stash, so I figure you have to spend money to make money ermm, something. Ish. Anyway, buying one ball of yarn is helping me to use 4 already in the stash. I’m making that cover bag, and I might add a little something to it – a nice purse and some kind of Totoro embelishment if it goes ok. Tapestry is just delicious. It is a little splitty, but I’m using shite aluminium needles cos I can’t find my beloved bamboo 4mm so that might have something to do with it 🙁 I love the sheen that the soy leaves on the yarn, and the shading is good – much more subtle than other striping yarns. Shame they only make a dk weight, but I bet Rowan will add some more… Almost a shame to use it for felting, but this is a good way to test this kind of yarn.

I’m sure there was something else to tell you all. Nevermind. I’m tired and my eyes are sore from too much of everything. Goodies tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Fame at last!”

  1. Hope you’re doing OK Hon
    Just a quick note: Coldspring mill have Noro on sale – much of it half price!!

  2. Congratulations on your mention! I’ll be clicking on your free pattern link after I post. I hope you feel better soon. I’m really not sure about Snakes on a Plane. I don’t think the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is in it could convince me to see that (and Samuel is freakin awesome!). You’ll have to let me konw how it is.

  3. I’m still dying to see that finished scarf for your one skein pal!! 🙂
    You must go see SoaP this week! I’ll be interested to see if you think it lives up to all my hype!!
    Feel better soon!

  4. Oh & it was a very cool surprize to see our socks up there huh! I only wish my legs didn’t look so white……

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