Eye candy for crafters.

Ooooooooooooooooooh, you are in for a veritable cornucopia of crafting joy and hot camera action…

I have recently been informed that my One Skein pal hasn’t got the blindest about who I am, so I am going to risk it and post a pic of her gift. It is, I must add, incomplete – it needs the ends weaving in (still) and a bit of a blocking, but I’m happy 🙂 I’ve got two photos because one is more accurate for colour, while the other shows up the stitches more (which I’m not sure is a good idea given my total novice capacity).
Here’s the fuzzy but good colour one.


And here is the bad colour but good stitch definition pic.


Next up, here is the best best best BEST ever book ever in the world ever.


This is Aranzi Aronzo’s book, Cute Things. They weren’t kidding. Even the instructions are cute. I am totally besotted with this book, and want to make 99% of the stuff in it. I made something tonight in fact. Most of the stuff you can make is on the cover, with a ton of stuff on the back too. I have materials to make a million of the thing I’m about to show you, plus a bag as per a friend’s request, and a purse, and probably some other bits and pieces too.

This is what I made as per same friend’s request. She likes this book too 🙂


It is a Miffy style hair tie. The bobble is my friend’s, and the bunny is too now 🙂 It took about 30 mins to make, if only because I spent ages trying to find a working dressmaker’s pen in my stash and ending up just cutting by eye (and sadly I think you can tell that, but I’m also quite happy with it – it is just a little whimsy). If I’d have had decent stuff it would have take miles less time. I’m the kind of person who suddenly needs to make something and just grabs things as I need them instead of actually thinking about it. All you normal people it would take 10 mins tops 😀 It isn’t much, but the cuteness factor just oozes, and I’m going to have to make a few more I think on those fuzzy towelling type hair ties so that the stitching to the tie isn’t so obvious etc. I love this book 😀 I want to make bags and tissue holders and more bags, and purses, and some more bags, and stuffies and everything ever 😀 YAY! And I can’t remember much Japanese because the course of evil has prevented me from exercising my brain in studious yet fun ways, but the instructions are so easy to follow that I don’t need to know much – it is pretty much common sense really, but it is also nice to know that I can remember Kanji for eye, mouth and all the quite useful ones in crafting bunny bobbles. I dare not post all the other pics I took of the book – but if you demand it I will do so 😀 The cover is a pretty good idea 🙂

Oh, and here is the Rowan Tapestry and the felting book. Not much to show blah blah blah.


Don’t know why I bothered with that after all that Japanese gorgeousness…

9 thoughts on “Eye candy for crafters.”

  1. I agree on the japanese gorgeousness – looks to me like that’s a great book, and has potential for a certain very young crafter I know 😉

  2. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous. You just learned how to crochet too, right? Awesome job! Your pal is going to love it. I don’t know about her, but it’s damn near about that time over on my end of the world. It’s outright nippy here.

  3. That Japanese book looks amazing. I love the hair bobble and the tote bag on the front of the book is very cool.
    Congrats on the OSP present too, loving your work!
    P.S The second argyle sock is going to get started this weekend I hope. I can’t believe how many odd socks I’ve got lying around at the moment. I have decided to take them in hand and make then pairs!

  4. Don’t know if I buy the “novice” bit, but from one novice to the other, gorgeous job on the gift.

  5. The scarf looks fantastic! I love it!! Oh & that book, so cool! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you make!

  6. Love love the scarf ! I love the cover of the felting book (and this shade of yarn, yum!), can’t wait to see what you make next.. ;-P

  7. Great scarf! And I just love Rowan’s stuff, I just wish Rowan wasn’t so freaking expensive over here. I love the color of the yarn next to the Rowan mag. Blues like that make me drool. A Japanese book of cuteness!? I want that! Hopefully they have an English translation.

  8. 1. GREAT job on the gift!
    2. What an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC BOOK! (Hmmm…where would one buy such a thing to have shipped to them…have a link online?)
    3. Love the hair tie!!
    Cheers! xx

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