How to make yourself feel better about not eating things.

Make wheat-free, dairy-free, tomato-free pesto. I just did, and I’m rather pleased – this batch was a little bland though, so I might stick a chili in it or more garlic next time.
100ml olive oil
100g pine nuts
big buncha basil
1 clove of garlic
Whizz it all up or mash it up or use whatever you use to mix things to a pulp in your house. Throw some in some pasta, with some tuna/fried courgette strips/whatever takes your fancy. Yum. Keep in in the fridge till next time – it will probably provide between 6 and 10 servings, depending on how much you like to have. And it is super quick. Always a good thing!
It felt a bit strange having something oily though – I hardly ever use oil in cooking, but I figure as I’m going to be reducing my fat intake from the dairy thing, a bit of oil will go a long way to helping me out with the good fats, and olive oil is better than most, including the naughty cheese thing. I’m not fond of that oily residue mouth thing though. I can’t help wondering though whether eating stuff that my body hates but I’m addicted to might have done something to add to my weight problems. Let’s face it, being addicted to cheese would never help, but even when I was being totally angelic, I had difficulty losing weight, and when I had bloating (see! I’m already talking in past tense about it! Too early to tell right now though) I could put on anything up to 7 pounds or so. I have to put the diet on hold if only because the demands of avoiding all the nasties will be enough to think about.
Thanks for the support and all that, and for recipe/book suggestions. Keep them coming! Did I mention Holmfirth has a rather good health food shop that I’ve been told stocks tomato-free sauces? And did I ever point out that Holmfirth houses the nearest ‘proper’ yarn shop? I did? Funny that… It would be a shame not to visit both at the same time seeing as the bus costs more than I’d like… A positive comes out of all things negative 😉 Not to say that beating my badbelly wouldn’t be positive, but let’s face it, it isn’t on a par with yarn shopping at all… (even if it is shopping for Christmas gift knitting for everyone else in the world but me).

2 thoughts on “How to make yourself feel better about not eating things.”

  1. Have fun in Holmfirth!
    Shopping for Christmas is allowed – definitely!
    And to answer your question – yes the piece of beauty yarn is really really lovely – very very soft, which makes me think it won’t stand up to wear and tear, but fingers crossed!
    I HAD to buy it (Your Honour) because the colour I really really wanted was SOLD OUT and I paniced that maybe they would ALL sell out and then I would NEVER get some!
    Actually, I thought YOU were the one who had eaten up the entire stock of Castle Grounds! I wonder who it was?

  2. Have a great time in Holmfirth!
    Just think of the foodythings as another sort of diet, you aren’t giving up, you are trying a different approach

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