Nothing to see here

The dissertation is written. I have a little proof reading to do (hence it is 99.99% complete in the side bar), plus I have to print 2 copies and bind them, and put a copy on CD-ROM and post it all off, and I have a little pile of books that I haven’t returned to work yet. But it is pretty much finished. I’m knackered.
I’ve also finished something else. A cardi is currently blocking on a towel on my living room floor. Pics will come when it is dry, but today is too dreary and I have too much to do and the cardi is all wet and soggy and in a shady part of the floor near the radiator, and everything is too much hassle until I have posted the evil coursework and have officially relaxed. So there.
There will also be other lovely things. New bamboo needles from eBay, a Phildar magazine with English translation (see sidebar for my imminent stash busting yet new pattern knitting plans), and socks. Only one sock at the mo, but there will be a pair soon. And a pair of gloves. In fact the gloves will be finished in a day or two, so there will be at least 3 FOs on here within the next few days (and that will include the disseration 😉 ).
But until then, I’m hiding away. I’m sure I’ll have something to tell you about my madly behaving belly too. It better be good is all I can say 😉

3 thoughts on “Nothing to see here”

  1. YAY!! I’m so thrilled to see that you are *almost* done!!!
    Can’t wait to see the cardi! I may have a FO today as well!
    OH & we got the first new k-9 episode on Friday!! Oh how I missed that “tin dog”! 🙂

  2. whoa – finished dissertation? if that doesn’t deserve a hearty congratulations and a lift of the glass, what does?
    congratulations and to you i lift my glass!

  3. Thank you guys but it isn’t over till it is all in the post! I’m not lifting a glass till I’ve been to the post office, but the Cava is in the fridge chilling in preparation… I managed 40 pages of proofing today before I went barmy. I’ll have to finih the rest tomorrow :/
    Ooo oo and Leah – Torchwood is being advertised like mad over here 😀 Soon you’ll have Captain Jack to watch to keep you going until series 3 and Captain Jack is rather lovely…

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