An Aside

Jax tagged me for a blog party 😀
Here I am, damp and shabby after being caught in the rain, with added fun from the evil mobile phone camera 😉 I was just checking my blog after a looooong day at work and our Christmas meal (at Lounge 68 in Huddersfield for those who fancy one – just delicious!), feeling sleepy, and considering bed. I may have been slow at responding to the invite, but blimey, you are soooo lucky that I saved that photo Jax ;D
So now I have to tag some people to participate 😀 Sooooo, I invite Leah, Necia, Aileen (if she has time, bless her. Go give her a cyberhug), and the lovely Brenda who has only just entered the world of blogging, but trust me, she knits good. Ok girlies – if you participate, take a pic as soon as you’ve read this ‘ere post and tell us all what you were doing at the time.
Oh, and gift knitting is totally taking over my time outside of work. I have so much to do! Gah! And an extra gift to knit! But I have got a little further in all of them. That means that no knitting AT ALL has gone on for yours truly. Bugger. But the general concensus about the cardi/jumper issue is definitely moving in the jumper direction. What is worse is that in the meantime I had cast on for Rowan Chrissie… Whoops! But as I say other than that, nothing pour moi.
Time to knit more for my mates…

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