A bit blah.

(But very happy Mars have reversed their decision on changing to animal rennet in their chocolate!).
I don’t have anything finished this week, which seems to make a change! Not one sock. BUT, I do have a few more new purchases and some WiPs to show you, for the sake of posting some pictures and stuff.
I’ve been doing a lot of baby knitting recently because several people I know are pregnant, and so naturally the friendly neighbourhood knitter gets pulled in to make lots of very cute small things 😀 I’ve already sent off a few socks to their recipients to be, and have a nearly finished bunny on my hands.
From a Debbie Bliss pattern in one of the baby cashmerino books, and it is very cute. Quite a quick knit when I put my mind to it, but its the stuffing and sewing that takes quite a bit of time up – most of it had to be sewn as I stuffed which can be a pain when the stuffing is a bit fibrous. As you can see, it isn’t that far from being finished, she just needs a face really 🙂 I might make another one for someone else too.
Second WiP worth mentioning is one I’d really really really like to finish before the end of the month. Probably won’t though. I have a green cardi on the needles – yup I decided the Knit Picks Andean Silk should go on the Ram’s Horn Cardigan from Knitting Nature, contrary to popular opinion and advice to go for the SKB pattern on Stitch Diva. As much as I love it, I won’t wear the SKB, so I went with something more practical. The back is almost done after maybe 2-3 weeks not very regular knitting, so if I put my mind to it and ignore the Queen on Thursday (she’s visiting where I work but the fuss it is causing for the sake of a couple of hours! The security arrangements are currently unknown, but the rumours flying are a bit mad and I best not reveal them in case they aren’t rumours and I break some rules), I might get a lot done before the end of the month and the current PS2.0 phase. Here is a pic which isn’t very interesting as it is all st st.
The next phase of PS2.0 is red, black and metallics, and I don’t have much in the stash of any of them, so I might just squeeze out one sock or so, and use the time to catch up with my older PS2.0 projects and clear some room in the project basket (which is very much overflowing right now).
Stash! I bought some stuff for a friend, and decided to add to my own stash to make postage worthwhile. It would be rude not to really 😀
Here we have Posh Yarn Emily (a lambswool, cashmere and angora blend, which has lots of softness, but is still quite a firm sock yarn) in Elephant, which I thought was less varigated than this, but nevermind! There are also two hanks of yarn from the Knittery (and it arrived pretty quickly too) – the merino/cashmere sock yarn in Passion Fruit and Orchid. The orchid is for my Sockapaloooza pal 😀 I’ve already started swatching it up and trying to work out a pretty stitch pattern, so if it is pretty and looks nice, I might see if Ruth wants it for the Facebook group (particularly as I’ve been bad and not done the swatches for the pattern ideas I had yet). We all know about how nice Posh Yarn can be. The Knittery yarn is a new one on me, after reading about it on Black Dog Knits for forever. I chose the merino/cashmere as, with it having a bit of nylon in it, and my pal wanting something quite sturdy, I figured this could do the job quite well. And it is very very nice. The cashmere counteracts the way nylon can sometimes make yarn feel rigid or slightly scratchy, and makes it a complete babe to knit with. And the yarn and postage is such good value for the other side of the world! It was just less than 20 quid including 4.75 for postage, and both hanks were with me in just less than a week. When you look at how much buying yarn in the UK is, that’s very very good. Shame I’ve guilted myself with the carbon footprint I got for it, but I suspect the plane would 1) have flown with the yarn, and 2) two hanks of yarn didn’t make the fuel consumption any more than normal. Still have some green remorse though as they aren’t really very good excuses 🙁 Having said all that, I would buy locally if I could from locally sheared and spun sheepy yarns but sadly their are none, so my yarn footprint is still not fab no matter where I buy from. I know one local yarn producer (remember the alpaca breeder?) and will hopefully be meeting with her soon so I will see what weight yarn she is producing too…
Anyway, a busy week ahead, what with the baby things, cardi knitting, the Queen, and the dreaded new decade of doom on Friday… Don’t expect me to post till I’ve sobered up ;D

7 thoughts on “A bit blah.”

  1. Gorgeous Bunny!
    and lovely wool.
    Which facebook group is this? I am still talking myself into getting on there

  2. Can’t wait to see the Ram’s Horn Cardi from Knitting Nature. I love that book, but the only thing I’ve made from it is the dew drop hat? (i forget the exact name, the very last pattern in the book). I love to see some scrumptious sweaters from that book. 😉

  3. Buggerooooo! I won’t see you to give you your birthday card! At least not until i bring Joe to you on the 31st 😐 Hmmm, still that isn’t *that* much past your birthday…and i’m bringing you a whole cat. So you can forgive me, right?! 😛
    All that sock yarn looks scrummy!!!!!!! I must say i am getting rather carried away with my first sock. Now halfway through the cuff and it is coming along rather nicely, though the yarn is horrible. Would much rather knit with some of the prettiful stuff in your peektures! You will have to post the FO’s!! xxx

  4. I say tag too! Have a wonderful wonderful birthday. I’m still celebrating mine! The first week of my 30’s hasn’t been too bad so far!

  5. Hiya, ages since I checked yoor site, but hoping by the absence of the dissertation in progress bar that you’ve submitted, congrats! Wish I could be so lucky… but afraid that many more months in my currently knitting free room beckon…

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