I’ve inevitably been tagged for the 8 things meme by Roo 🙂
1) I like background noise when I’m at home, but peace and quiet when I’m at work, regardless of what I’m doing (studying, doing complicated calculations, sat on my hands etc etc).
2) The Queen is visiting where I work today, and I will never see her, because I will be locked in the building for about 5 hours.
3) I have a special room for all my books. Sadly it has been taken over by other stuff too, so I can’t get to all of them. 90% of the books I own are still unread, but one day, one day… 🙂
4) I am very messy, both at work and home. And my books aren’t in any order in the above room either. I doubt it would make much difference if I could get to them 😉
5) My brother is a published author and wrote about a librarian who goes mad.
6) I buy most of my stuff from Amazon, but still insist in leafing through fiction books in shops before buying.
7) I’m writing this at 6.45am because I get up at 6 in order to shower, read bloglines, and relax before I set off to work and have breakfast there. I hate rushing, and while 6 is vvv early considered how long it takes to get to work, I’d rather do that every time than get up later and run round like an idiot.
8) I enjoy watching the BBC weather on Breakfast Time because the weather ladies have such nice clothes and I wonder where they get them from.
These aren’t very good I’m afraid 🙂 My brain hasn’t been up to full capacity this week for various reasons, one of which is that my genes are kicking in and my age is introducing them to developing stupidity that runs on the female side of my family… 😉

4 thoughts on “Tagged!”

  1. Well I hope you are locked in with a big pile of wool…!
    Yes – you are right! Why don’t they credit the weather girls’ clothes? It would make life so much more interesting!

  2. I get up at 6 too, to relax and read things online – difference is I have breakfast at home (no way do I leave the house before a good cup of tea has been imbibed)

  3. Hi you! I did get your email, but haven’t had a chance to give you a proper response- sorry love- I am so happy you liked your package and socks 🙂 I kept eyeing the handspun, actually kept it within eyesight for a few days! haha!! Isn’t it scrumptious?! I hope you enjoy the yarn and the sock pattern to boot!
    I’ll catch up with you soon mama 🙂

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