A little teaser

Look! This is part of Sylvie’s newest pattern for a lovely cardi. I’ve been pattern testing for the XL size, and it is simple to knit but clever in the way it has been put together (I believe Sylvie needed lots of maths for it :S). Here are some preview pics, but no action shots as the weather has brought out the pollen…

4 thoughts on “A little teaser”

  1. yep, don’t tell me about math, it’s not my favorite part either.. ;-P
    I just LOVE the color and look of your cardi ! Makes the Plumetis stitches look very pretty too.. 😀

  2. o.k this is cruel – the pattern looks really good, I love it when there is a little something to a knit but it isn’t a big smack-you-in-the-face kinda pattern, subtle ina subtle colour – loving the colour and I repeat it is CRUEL to give a little teaser about what looks a yummy knit. Cruel. Dying to know what it turns into.

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