1) I liked writing using this method last time
2) Enough time has lapsed for me to use it again
3) I was inspired today by something I saw on the bus on the way home. An old tv in a front garden, so old it was one of the really curved screens, built into a little coffee table style display cabinet, with sliding doors to close over the screen.
4) I wish I’d had my phone out to take a pic of it
5) I’ve been sad this week for lots of reasons
6) I’m not going to tell you why
7) It has led to the knitting of small things
8) Small thing one: Jaywalkers in Schafer Anne. Finished on Monday. Love them. I’ve lost the receipt with the colourway on it, but I’m pretty sure it said ‘blues’, so was perfect for my mood
9) One of the things that helped me through the week was the arrival of a belated birthday pressie from Sue (including Regia Bamboo sock yarn, Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, a sock pattern book which I’ve never seen before and the G&B cookbook 😀 The cookbook is in my kitchen along with the remains of a double batch of flapjacks…).
10) I knitted Felicie for Becky in some Posh Yarn handspun camel yarn.
11) The yarn is delish
12) I forgot to take pics
13) I’m sure Becky will oblige tho.
14) Yesterday my mum and I went to Hebden Bridge
15) It was lovely 🙂
16) We ate at the Shoulder of Mutton, perhaps the best gastro/camra pub ever.
17) I had a pint of bitter shandy 🙂
18) That proves two things – that I’m getting older everyday and it should be summer
19) We went to a fab deli called the Pennine Wine and Cheese shop 😀 I bought DB some grilled olives and some (apparently very good) brie, and me some cheddar with caramelised onions in it.
20) The cheddar tastes like pickled onion Monster Munch, which is a good thing.
21) We also accidentally went into Attica Yarns…
22) I purchased some yarn which shall remain secret for now, as it is for gift knitting for Nic who asked Sue and I to make her some baby blankets 🙂
23) That’s enough for now
24) It is way too early on a sunday morning to be online when I could be breakfasting on tasty low fat wheat free muesli with raspberries, an apple and alpro raspberry yoghurt on it.
25) Yum.
26) Also the cat has pooped.
27) And I should be knitting for Sylvie and working on finishing those two cardis this week while I have the free time.
Bye! 😀

7 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. Pretty pressie!
    Also, thanks for the ideas. In August Mum and I are planning a yarn shopping day, so I now have some more ideas 😀

  2. Sorry you have been feeling rubbish. Hope things get better. Nice socks!
    Aren’t the flapjacks yummy? I made a massive batch for work recently and they went down a treat. The chocolate mole muffins are good too – but I guess that doesn’t work too well with the non-wheat thing :0( I’ve got friends that live in HB, but have managed not to make it to Attica every time I’ve been to see them!

  3. Hope you’re feeling brighter with the sunnier skies! I think I passed through your part of the world the other day. Despite the grey skies, it was very pretty.

  4. Hey
    I hope you perk up a little soon…Being sad isn’t good! Although i say that, and i am very much the same way right now. So i am throwing myself into housework in a dismal attempt to ignore it!
    Those socks are looking great xx

  5. Hi you!
    I noticed on this post that you mention food being wheat-free – this now shouts at me as last week i was diagnosed with Coeliac disease – is this your problem too? I’m finding it OK so far apart from the wedding reception we went to at the weekend where the only buffet item I could eat was cheese and pineapple on sticks!!

  6. Sorry you’ve been blue! Your socks are fab & I love your list posts!
    I hope you are feeling brighter soon!

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