Ok, maybe I won’t have quite enough yarn for the collar :S There is about 35g left over, from 3 and a half 50g balls. Eek!
Time for a two point action plan:
1) I’ll knit until I’ve got about a metre or so of yarn left, which should be enough to sew the collar on.
2) I’ll block this thing out as best I can in the hopes that it will stretch enough to fit into the neckline. Luckily, because of the curve of the short rows and the lace, it is quite stretchy and accomodating. My original calculations before I wrote the post had about 42″ of neck line and 22″ of collar, but when I put the two together, the collar went much further, albeit at a different gauge to the measurements.
Gah. Thank goodness for the advice and support on Knitting on the Avenue. She did a grand job of re-writing the collar instructions so that it looks more like the real thing, and also put loads of advice on her blog about how to sew and block the thing.
Oh, and I really like some of the latest Debbie Bliss patterns, so my queue is rapidly lengthening :S Yum tho.

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