What a day!

Well, after all those post titles that were extremely daft and silly, I felt the need to talk sense again.
I had the maddest Monday ever. I start early for work this week, so of course there was no bus to be seen, no parcel at the post office again (I left my mobile number), and no time to have a relaxed breakfast before work. Then there was all kinds of mess at work including a panic to submit something with a deadline which I had completed over the weekend, emailed to myself but neither hotmail nor workmail were working (I had a printed copy, but I would have to type it all in again and proofread it). Luckily both mails came back up mid morning, and so saved me the trouble. Then a phone call where my parcel was finally discovered on a shelf, and the wrong info was on my card from the postie. Then a rushed trip to the post office for the 4th time, a queue of 20 mins, a rush to buy lunch at Boots, and a rushed lunch at my desk in the last ten mins of my break. Then a headachy afternoon, with some more rushing, a trip to the docs, where, funnily enough, I was told my blood pressure was ‘up a bit’. No surprise there then! I have to go back to make sure it is back down in a few weeks, and stay off the carbs in the meantime (there goes my beloved jacket potato lunch), so I cunningly had a very naughty last supper of bagels with cream cheese 😉 (and some steamed veg incidentally – I’m not that bad. Mmmm asparagus…). I shouldn’t be eating bagels anyway, but there you go!
BUT, there was a saving grace. The parcel. As I suspected, it was from my Sockapaloooza pal! And it was SO worth the wait, and the blood pressure and the angst. Here is what greated me when I finally had the time and space to open and enjoy it 🙂
I’m not kidding. These socks saved my life today. They are beautiful, and soft, and the stitches are perfectly formed, and the yarn is beautiful, and the pattern is one of my faves from Favorite Socks too (remember my failed attempts at holiday knitting in Italy? Maryann, my spoiler, had the same issues with varigated yarn at first too, and went for a solid in the end). Yum. The little bags are so cute! And inside the little bags, nothing but things designed for me – KnitPicks needles for socks 😀 and KnitPicks Gloss in a gorgeous choccy brown yumminess. Yum yum yum. That’s all I can say!
Maryann, you completely made my day today. It was meant to be that I didn’t get that parcel till I was having a rubbish day. You have really spoiled me 🙂

7 thoughts on “What a day!”

  1. Bryony, I can’t believe someone figured out the raptor-cowboy statue so fast! You deserve a prize! I also have pictures of Foamhenge that I was dying to post, and now I can, thanks! (I was worried that nobody would know and wondering how long I would have to wait to post Foamhenge pics)

  2. oooh! Sockapaloooza rocks! What you gonna knit with the gloss? It looks gorgeous! And super-fluffy socks too! What are they knit with? Yum yum yum!

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