Contemplation again.

Here I am. Another week, another month, and very little to show for it. I have unfinished everything still. Luckily the NaKniSweMo is on this month, which will push me to at least work on that cardi back that isn’t mine. But there is the blanket and the socks and more socks and I made some child’s mittens for an alpaca open day too.
I may have finished those socks last week, but have managed to cast on for two more pairs, and started swatching for some knee highs (but lets face it, there is a lot of maths involved there, and by the time I have worked it all out, at least one pair of socks will be loooong gone!). The new pairs? One is Nancy Bush’s Denmark socks in Posh Yarn Emily in the Elephant colourway, the other the mystery sock for November in the Sockdown on Ravelry, currently knitted up in an almost dayglo green/yellow Posh Yarn Eva. I have a lot of Posh Yarn for socks. A lot. You might have noticed. Not much to show on either of those yet, and there probably won’t be for some time seeing as I really want to finish Laila first, but the need to cast on has been satisfied temporarily.
I also bought more yarn. Ermm. I don’t know how this happened. Actually I do! It is all Rahime’s fault for having gorgeous orange sock yarn and inspiring me 🙂 And Posh Yarn for having some just when I’d been looking around for a good orange… And then I needed to buy something else to justify postage. Ermm. Oops. And I haven’t shown you some of the other purchases either! Oooo erm. Perhaps it was meant to be – an eye candy weekend in spite of no finished knits or worthy progress. This wasn’t all bought in one go though. It just started breeding. Really.
That orange will work well on it’s own, but I’m thinking leftovers will be essential as it would look ace on a black background in some stranded socks… ACE.
And thanks for the hints for some skirts. The Made With Love by Hannah skirt arrived earlier in the week and the Boden skirt arrived yesterday, and they are both gorgeous. The Hannah skirt is perfect. Perfect fit, perfectly stitched, wonderful quality, and something unique. So much care has gone into it, like matching the pattern up on the seams, and the printing leaving white areas at the top to avoid mismatching on the pattern lines. I can’t recommend buying from her enough! The Boden skirt is lovely (the pics don’t do it justice, especially the mirror I just cleaned having smears on it, and you can’t see the brown waistband and inserts in the box pleats) – I may not be able to buy from them all the time, but it was so worth spending a bit extra on it. The fabric quality is really high, and the details make it just a little bit special. When I tried it on it felt light and swishy, but the lining and the wool fabric will make it toasty warm too. And it came with some fridge magnets too (lots of words like the poetry sets). That can’t be bad.
Please note the apple skirt has been worn already at work, and so looks a little creased, but it was perfectly crisp and beautifully wrapped when it arrived.
There you go. Lots of pics. Lots of things to drool over. Are you jealous yet? Have I justified my lack of FOs yet? 😉

12 thoughts on “Contemplation again.”

  1. well I think the yarn needed to be bought – imagine if the yarn hadn’t been scooped up it could have eneded up anywhere and it is vital such pretty yarn ends up at a good home. Besides I am sure most of it goes rather well with the apples skirt (now you just need some yarn to go with the Boden skirt – tee hee, call me a yarn enabler, I don’t care)…..
    Anyway I was at the SECC Hobbycrafts last weekend and bought waaaayyyy too much yarn (when I am officinally skint) and this is the show without much to offer – the one with the better yarns is always in March-time
    Go forth buy yarn – it needs you!

  2. Ahh well sometimes we just need the eyecandy treats in order to help boost the spirits and get the gears (fingers) working again. Lovely yarns in scrumptious shades and such wonderful looking skirts. Sounds most pleasing.

  3. oh my… those skirts are really cute! And great yummy yarn too, those beautiful rich colors are going to be perfect for fall/winter! You’ve made me truly envious!

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