Scary stuff

It has been a bad week for my health. I’m not sure if I should be doing something more about it, but nevermind. Severe headaches (very very severe. Not migraine level but close), stomach problems (DB asked if I’d eaten any tuna recently with the scare at Sainsburys), and a scary incident last night at the pub where my left hand started tingling lightly, then went cold, and the cramp rapidly moved up my arm without me having time to think anything more than ‘ARgh! Left arm=heart attack stuff!’. A friend calmed me down, and then when I could think rationally again we decided it was a trapped nerve. Two hours later, the cramp eases a little and I have normal temperature in my hand again. This morning the arm still feels a bit funny though 🙁 I’ve never had anything like that! I’d eased off knitting quite a bit because of a tingle in my hand after doing colourwork, but when the new part of the mystery sock came out, I had a play with that, and felt fine, so I did more colourwork. Think a total knitting break is required now if I want to feel normal. What a bummer, but better that than go through the scare with the arm again!
That means that I’ll be rediscovering not using the laptop (good for my purse at least – no online shopping temptations!), and mending/altering clothes on the big pile I haven’t touched for too long, doing the ironing, reading my book, and maybe relearning japanese and doing a little embroidery to keep the crafting alive (don’t think that puts nearly the same stresses on your arms/hands as knitting can). Today I’ll read all my bloglines stuff and then log off, so don’t be surprised if I’m absent a little while :/

11 thoughts on “Scary stuff”

  1. Booooooo… Sorry about the arm. But re-learning Japanese sounds pretty awesome!
    If you have a chance to figure out how to say “I am allergic to sesame” before I go to Japan in 2 weeks, let me know! 😉

  2. Take care of your arm. I ignored a shoulder injury caused by knitting (long story) and kept aggravating it til it took months to heal. Hopefully, you’ll have better sense than me.

  3. Go and have a check up at the docs to put your mind at rest, relax and have a break with the japanese. I am contemplating learning Japanese script and have a couple of books from Borders. I was hopeless at languages at school so wanted to give myself another go with something interesting! Let me know how you are doing.

  4. Oh no! Has the sound of RSI about it! See doc asap and get some exercises to do. Using Excel for huge stats task at work plus knitting almost incapicitated me once! Need to change your behaviour patterns, girl! Japanese? You could be an extremely useful person to know!

  5. Oh No! you poor thing – get better (thoroughly) soon, I guess enforced rest gives you time to plan your next knitting, but boooooooooooooooo

  6. I would get checked out by a Doc. 2 weeks ago I was hospitalized with what I later learned was a complicated migraine. I had a similar traveling tingling senstation on the my right side of my body which did come to affect my arm and hand, making me lose coordination. I also had speech problems. Then when that went away came the worse headache of my life (along with some nausea). It went away thankfully.
    I mention this only because you say you’ve been having bad headaches along with your other weird symptoms. I could be wrong. But it can never hurt to get checked out.
    Either way, hope you feel better 🙂

  7. I also used to get total numbness in one or both hands just prior to having a migraine – sucks 🙁
    Hope you’re feeling better now Hon

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