Still here!

Yup, I’m still around, although not particularly top form I’m afraid. Thanks for all your messages of concern and suggestions to visit the doc with some frankly scary stories – you people have been ill!
I just wanted to offer some reassurance though so that you know I won’t end up in hospital just yet (and a little more reassurance to myself too!). I still don’t think the headache was connected to the arm thing – there is a bug going round work with nausea and headache and my symptoms exactly matched my friend at work who had just had a week off and still wasn’t on top form. Both myself and DB are off sick now with poorly tums, but we actually think it might be a meal we ate on Sunday – we had the same dish, and both ended up feeling poorly by the end of the day :/ Two people off work with tummy bugs at the same time = not pretty. 1 person + 1 person who is resting from knitting + tummy bugs = not pretty plus LOTS of boredom 🙁 We are both feeling a bit sorry for ourselves right now 🙁
My arm is feeling better, but the tingle remains in my thumb and first finger, which kind of reaffirms for me that it is the knitting that is doing it. I was reading Empire in the bath the other day (not that you want to know that!), using my left hand to help grip and prop it up, and felt the tingle more after that, so I need to be careful what I do still. Should probably just be typing one handed too actually… I keep squishing my yarn still and feeling sad that I can’t knit it. And this is NEW yarn – not even the yarn being used in the unfinished projects in my basket! I’m trying very hard not to buy more yarn. Must… resist… The show is a week on Saturday – definitely shouldn’t buy before then! Anyway, to get back to the point, if the tingle isn’t better by the end of the week, I’ll be going to the docs for some advice and exercises. I’m going to alternate between big and little needle projects more often. Fingers crossed the tingle is gone for next week though. Or at least by the show so I can enjoy it to the most!
In nice things, I spun up some alpaca/bfl and manageged to get about 1400 inches out of 25g (whatever that works out at, but it means that by the end of 200g of fibre, I’ll have about 280 yards! Yay!). It’s about dk weight, but varies in places. I’m really pleased how even it is for my first real hank, and will hopefully be able to make some socks in it. The amount I’ve got is a strange one because the spindle was starting to get too heavy and pull the freshly wound fibre through the hook before I could spin anything else (I’m so pleased I worked that one out on my own! I solved a problem without looking in a book! Yay!) – I’m hoping I can russian join each individual hank and then wind it all up into 100g cakes. I’ve already swapped fibre though – Brooke sent me some gorgeous merino roving during Sockret Pal and I feel confident enough to try it out as long as the fibre is predrafted. I’ve also got 100g ish of gorgeous BFL in candy pinks from the Yarn Yard to spin up. That definitely calls for sock knitting…
Hmmmmm. Does anyone know how to train a cat to clean his own litter tray when you are poorly? At least he isn’t poorly. That would be baaaad.
[edited to add] And now I’m getting a cold as well. Fantastic. Nausea and snot – the perfect combo. Can anyone spell ‘run down and in need of a break’?

4 thoughts on “Still here!”

  1. Big hugs, you poor, snotty person! Thats not good getting a cold too. 🙁
    Thats great spinning, is it on a drop spindle?

  2. Feel Better soon!!!! I want to see pics of what you are spinning 🙂
    btw -thanks for the kind comment about my yarn

  3. Hope you feel better, and I hope you can get back to knitting soon.
    In the mean time, maybe you could pick up a DVD set of a TV series you’ve been meaning to watch to pass the time… 🙂

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