An update

Visit to the docs today. The lady I saw today is FAB. She’s the loveliest, kindliest doctor – in spite of my appointment being an urgent one (and therefore supposed to be 5 mins and no more) she spent all the time I needed with her and told me not to rush, and made me feel much better just by being so nice.
I’m signed off work for 2 weeks, and have 1) super strong anti inflammatory tablets 2) super strong antacid tablets to stop me from suffering from the first tablets and 3) some stuff to take at night so that any pain or discomfort is super reduced. I dare not take the superstrong stuff yet today, but after all the prodding and manipulating the doctor did, I feel a little better again (even if I apparently have LOTS of muscle areas that have been struck down by the nerve issue), so hopefully the night stuff will be enough with some bog standard pills for the night.
I should be more normal by the end of the week, but the nerve will still just have to heal by itself. I’m fine with that, but the question is how long will it take, and how can I help it along? Need to get physio sorted out I think (the place I originally booked into is a bit nasty looking now I’ve checked it out, so I’m trying somewhere else!)…
And maybe, given the Socktopus club package getting posted this week, I’ll have nice things to post about instead of horrid things where you get fed up of me moaning. And you see pretty things. And maybe by the end of the week, instead of watching mad dvd/tv stuff, I’ll be able to knit a little again…

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  1. Oh no!! Take it easy. Rest up, drink lots of hot chocolate, watch DVDs, cuddle the kitty, nap, and just plain ol’ relax. Petting yarn is probably permitted to. *hugs*

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