It is 12.40am on a Monday morning, and I’m in pain. Serious pain for the first time with this bizarre illness thing. Stupid trapped nerve. Have booked myself in for physio this week, with no referral from the doc because he didn’t give me any pain killers or anything. I’m going back today if I can get in to see whether he approves.
Ouch. I had the old burning sensation and muscle spasms that freaked me out and made me get up and check that they are actually normal for a trapped nerve. Which they are. Not had those ones before 🙁 But my mate is also up late and has been chatting and soothing me very well indeed. Cheers Cath 😀 And the aceness that is Tiger Balm too. Tiger Balm is my new best friend.
Ok, maybe will try and sleep now… Night all.

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