Awww, you guys are fab πŸ™‚
I won’t be replying individually right now until I’m happier with using the laptop, but trust me, I love you all πŸ™‚ Out of curiosity, has anyone else ever been prescribed these:
Diclofenac 50mg, Omeprazole 20mg and Amitriptyline 10mg? They are what the doc gave me yesterday. Took the Ami last night and it was the first good night I’ve had in a while, although I felt a bit strange, and am a bit fuzzy this morning (albeit no worse than usual ;D), with a slight nausea and wind (but that could be the pasta and quorn I had last night – is good to eat things again :D). I’ve just taken the Omeprazole because, whether I take the Diclofenac or not, it can’t do any harm given all the stuff I’ve had to take recently. Am a bit scared of taking the Diclofenac because of how strong it is, although a lot of people have had it with the Omeprazole for trapped nerves and have sung its praises through the roof! Am mildly asthmatic, but if I can take ibuprofen, I can apparently take diclofenac too. Reading the side effects lists always freaks me out with tablets though – makes me paranoid.
But, frankly, just not having to get up and being able to stay home is making me feel better. I read somewhere that relaxation and sleep is one of the best fixes for trapped nerves, and at the moment I’m inclined to agree! As is the prospect of some good massage from a lady at work, and some good physio/chiro/anything really!

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  1. FL takes Omeprazole every morning. We were told its purpose is to protect your stomach against the effects of strong drugs. It must NOT be taken at the same time as other drugs or food – take it half an hour before anything else! DO NOT flush it down with milk! Unless you want severe stomach pains….

  2. I actually had the Diclofenac about 2 years ago when I woke up one morning unable to stand upright. I was completely contorted and in so much pain. I was flat on my back for over a week and had to be helped to/from the bathroom. It sucked. I remember the Diclofenac did help me finally rest and sleep. I still have some that I’ve only taken a couple of times when ibuprofen hasn’t helped quell the pains in my back.
    Glad you’re getting some well deserved rest. Be healthy!

  3. Hi delurking to say do you do yoga? If you don’t when you are back to normal you could try – find a good teacher and tell them at the start of your class the problems you have had and they will help you modify the postures accordingly. You’ll get the relaxation and your muscles will “even out” (sorry can’t really explain better than that) around problem areas which will help support joints and nerves. I have issues in my upper back with tension in the muscles and yoga once a week really helps.
    PS Love the colours you chose for Laila’s socks I haven’t attempted colourwork yet but these have inspired me to have a go.
    Ok back to lurking again πŸ™‚

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