Ok, think I may have mentioned this, but I have been diagnosed as having T4 syndrome. Physio is going well even if I do have to wait till the end of the week to see them again 🙁
But I just screwed up I think :S I sat down more heavily than I planned on the sofa and *crunch* at the top of my back and an odd feeling in my throat. No pain though, so keep your fingers crossed it is just a release of tension in the spine – like when you crick your fingers or something… I had a really bad night last night, with lots of problems finding a comfy position and lots of aches and pains in the morning.
Ugh. Not sure can deal with another source of discomfort…

8 thoughts on “Ooooch!”

  1. have just caught up on your blog and really feel for you – will be thinking of you. Have some experience of the medication you mentioned, they’ve really brought out the big guns so hopefully it’s helping you manage the pain.

  2. i totally feel for you, too. i’ve been diagnosed with two bulging discs at the L4 and L5 lumbar area. i’ve had three injections and nothing, though i doubt that it helps that i fell on my butt four days after the last one. i’m now seeing a chiro, pretty much willing to try anything for some relief.
    so now i’m officially delurked.

  3. Oh no! Since that crunch is pretty much painless, it’s probably nothing but just some tension. Hope you’ll feel better real soon!

  4. I am sending lovely of good thoughts & virtual hugs (since the real ones might squish you a bit). I hope you a resting up well & feeling much better soon!

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