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Thanks to you all for your feedback on the site view, and also for your lovely comments in general! I’m afraid I’ve been really strapped for time recently 🙁 so haven’t been able to respond to everyone. I’m starting to lose the habit, so I’m really sorry 🙁 BUT…
DB and I made it to and from Poland for a wedding the other weekend, and given that Poland is a bit chilly sometimes I figured I would need mittens and a hat. And here they are! The mitts were finished a few days before the trip, the hat the day before so I just scraped in 😀
mitts outer side
mitts inner side
hat on
hat close up
The mittens are knitted from the Hello Yarn generic pattern, based on patterns from The Complete Book of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting by Sheila McGregor (I love working in a library :D). It was strange – the mitts seemed to zoom along, so I wondered whether it was because I’d put together the design myself rather than using one someone else did. Ok so I didn’t design it myself from scratch, but I made the decisions, I made the chart and marked it all up, so I was pretty aware of what I was doing before I cast on. Either way I’m happy – they were quick and fun and blocked out pretty well, and as they are alpaca (UK Alpaca Baby Alpaca), they are warm and toasty 😀
The hat is the same yarn and is the hat pattern from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits. It is supposed to be a beret, which it is clearly not, so kudos for me on not swatching! The pattern said it was very slouchy so to make it less slouchy, miss a repeat out, which I did, but in spite of messing up it is still very wearable. I was a bit worried that even with the repeat being cut, I’d run out of yarn (I had 2 50g skeins of the cream, one of the blue), but I still have enough left over to make another hat, albeit probably child sized. Yum 🙂
Next up? Baby cardis a go go (not for me or progeny of me I should add!) and also a kusha kusha scarf to go with the mitts and hat 🙂 What else kept me busy? Going to see Ladytron at the Cockpit and getting nearly deafened and vibrated to death by the craptastic sound system (but a fun gig nonetheless :D). Woot!

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  1. Those mitts look lovely. I made some plain ones the other day but the wind still whistles throught them. Stranded ones would be better.

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