Another Sunday

Well, I feel I ought to inform you why I’ve not been blogging as much still. You already know about how busy I’ve been. Well here is what has been making me so busy. Still clearly a loooong time from being finished, but you might be able to appreciate the complexities of my current work…
Also, here is a pic of a purse I got yesterday from Afflecks Palace in Manchester (made by Disaster Design). I love Afflecks, but everytime I go, I feel just that little bit too old to be there – mainly if I’m still in my ‘I’m with normal friends’ clothes. Still wish I could dress a bit more outrageously but I so can’t carry it off anymore, but my hair makes up for it a bit 🙂 Also, I clearly still have the mind of a child stuck up there in the 31 year old body, but I doubt that will ever go away, and I hope it never does 😀 Where would the joy be if everything was all grown up and about bills and work? And also, much of what Afflecks sells is still much older than me, which is very helpful indeed.
Lastly, the new series of Lost has started on Sky, and I’m so frigging excited I have ants in my pants and can’t quite keep still 😀 And on top of that the fantastic tennis between Nadal and Fed… Weee!

4 thoughts on “Another Sunday”

  1. No wonder you have been quiet, all that work:)
    Love the purse. I love Afflecks and I am well over half a century so you are never too old for exciting shops, clothes and adventures:)

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